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EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Future Infrastructure and Built Environment: Resilience in a Changing World (FIBE2)

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Our Vision

Our vision for FIBE2 CDT is to lead the transformation in the resilience of our infrastructure through the creation of an inspirational doctoral training programme for talented cohorts from diverse academic and social backgrounds to conduct world-class, cutting-edge industry-relevant research. Our goal is to develop the infrastructure professionals of the future, equipped with a versatile and crossdisciplinary skillset to meet the most complex emerging challenges and contribute effectively to better infrastructure decision-making in the UK.


The FIBE2 CDT tackles the strategically important theme of infrastructure resilience in the context of five categories of threats (and associated opportunities):

(i) Infrastructure resilience against technological uncertainty

(ii) Infrastructure resilience against environmental causes:

(iii) Infrastructure resilience in a world of economic and political change

(iv) Infrastructure resilience to support urbanisation and demographic change

(v) Infrastructure resilience in a changing society and culture

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Aims and Objectives

The FIBE2 CDT will develop the next generation of PhD graduates who can create, shape and deliver the national vision
for UK infrastructure. They will be equipped with radical new thinking and approaches to tackle the dynamic and uncertain
challenges, and exploit opportunities associated with the technological, demographic, economic, social and environmental
changes that face our current and future infrastructure and be versatile and innovative in their solutions for the
maintenance, protection and improvement of infrastructure. The main objectives are to:

  • Train highly skilled research cohorts in resilient infrastructure to become catalysts for change
  • Forge expanded and new academia/industry collaborations to maximise the CDT impact
  • Build on Cambridge’s world leading research and unique centres of excellence in infrastructure
  • Broaden our CDT training and research landscape through strategic national initiatives
  • Enrich our strategic partnerships with leading international academic centres
  • Maximise the richness of the cohort-based training, through Alumni networks, ED&I & RI focus
  • Translate enriched CDT experience through outreach to broader student community and society
  • Grow our ‘FIBE’ brand as exemplar of UK excellence in training and innovation in infrastructure
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Latest news

Easter 2021, FIBE2 CDT Industry Lunchtime Seminars

21 April 2021

Easter 2021 The following are the upcoming Industry Lunchtime Seminars at the FIBE2 CDT Centre, and the Industry Partners who will be presenting: Sergio Solera from Mott MacDonald will speak on Thursday 6th May 2021. Sergio’s presentation is entitled: “Two examples of different geotechnical engineering projects using sheet...

FIBE 2 newsletter

25 March 2021

Cohort 1 has written an amazing first FIBE2 newsletter. It is 8 pages long and conprises the following: Upcoming Events Cambridge Festival Outreach Project Xueying's EnterpriseTech Experience Capturing Changing Activity in London as Lockdown Eases FIBE2's Second Industry Day FIBE Alumni Stories Projects for the FIBE2 2021...