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Lunchtime Seminars from industry partners from McAuliffe Group UK, Burro Happold, Connected Places Catapult and Arup

last modified Nov 24, 2020 01:33 PM

The following are the FIBE2 CDT industry partners’ lunchtime seminar series for Michaelmas 2020. These will be broadcast live to allow those unable to attend in person to link in.

Chris Evans from McAuliffe Group UK spoke on Thursday 22nd October 2020 on "Unlocking the TCE-contaminated site of a former gas meter factory for residential development, Manchester." His talk was about 

  • How additional ground investigations enabled us to create a remediation strategy and methodology that was fit for purpose
  • Our dual-action approach to the sustainable remediation of chlorinated solvent-impacted soil and groundwater, including:
    • The stabilisation/solidification of impacted soils, which avoided 10,000 tonnes of waste material being taken off site
    • In situ Chemical Reduction of TCE-impacted groundwater, which involved the first use of substrate, Anaerobic BioChem Plus (ABC®+), on a UK site

Mike Cook from Burro Happold will speak on Thursday 5th November 2020 on "Climate Emergency: how can engineers contribute to the urgent transformation needed." 

Mike Cook: “Focus is on the need for engineers to approach their work with the planetary and social needs driven by climate emergency at the core. I will reflect on my own career that sought to limit needless material-use with projects that took their cue from nature, but now recognising that this was not enough. Engineers must now seek ways to reverse the harm they have done with a regenerative approach. I will look at the drivers for this transformation that are already to be found and that we must use to drive our own work. 

Please see the basis for my presentation on where my gold medal address is featured.”

Will Pearson from Connected Places Catapult will speak on Thursday 19th November 2020 on "CPC approaches to Net Zero Place Making through business development." 

Will Pearson: "The CPC Presentation will address challenges in Net Zero Place Making. As part of the Catapult’s work in the Built Environment, we are interested in supporting businesses at TRL levels 3-8, as they move to develop and commercialise their innovation. The presentation will describe the policy view and how the creation of road maps for clusters of businesses working together show a clear route forward. It will describe case studies of SMEs the Catapult has worked with, how partnership is driving impact, and how new value chains are created in this area of the Catapult’s work. It will conclude with a description of how CPC works with academics across the UK to drive innovation ecosystems."

Rob Jones from ARUP will speak on Thursday 26th November 2020 on "Organisational Resilience in the infrastructure environment." 

Arup’s Organisational Resilience model has been developed and applied in complex infrastructure environments. Rob Jones, who leads the global People, Organisations & Governance service for Arup discusses the model, its implications and how it can inform leaders about their strategies for organisations and organisational effectiveness.