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Yannis Zachos working with Professor Mark Girolami on Project Odysseus about the Corona Virus at the Alan Turing Institute

last modified Jul 02, 2020 09:57 AM

The Alan Turing Institute's response to COVID-19 has been very prompt. From early on, the Data-Centric Engineering programme  director, Professor Mark Girolami, and deputy director Dr. Theo Damoulas liaised with the Greater London Authority and Transport for London to launch project Odysseus. The aim of this project is to examine the effectiveness of intervention policies introduced by the government in London.  By bringing their interdisciplinary expertise, the team is developing digital twins, computing and data infrastructure as well as state of the art machine learning algorithms that will feed into an early warning system for the London authorities.

Working on project Odysseus has been very rewarding for all of the team during these difficult times. All our researchers and students have shown great enthusiasm for doing their part in helping the capital recover from COVID-19"

                                                                         - Professor Mark Girolami

Our FIBE2 student from cohort 1, Yannis Zachos, together with two other Cambridge Engineering students, Andrew Wang and Mihai Ilas from Christ’s College, are assisting in the deployment of machine learning algorithms for monitoring traffic on London roads.

Please also see the following links on the Alan Turing website:


by Professor Mark Girolami