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EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Future Infrastructure and Built Environment: Resilience in a Changing World (FIBE2)


Cohort 4 comprising 10 students joined FIBE2 CDT in October 2022. Following a week of induction activities where they got to meet each other, the FIBE2 staff team and students from the Cohorts 1 - 3, Cohort 4 got started into the MRes year curriculum with a whirlwind of lectures, electives, coursework and lunchtime seminars with key speakers from FIBE2 industry partners.

In accordance with EPSRC Centres of Doctoral Training where MRes + PhD students are admitted in cohorts who will accompany each other throughout their 4 years of the programme, FIBE2 CDT very much encourages cohort bonding activities and inter-cohort activities. Cohort 4 was thus treated to a delicious welcome pizza dinner at Franco Manca restaurant with Cohorts 1 – 3. They also were invited to a cohorts board games night at the local Heffers bookshop, a pub quiz about civil engineering and Cohort 2 Rep, Doug Morley also organised a “treasure hunt” around historic Cambridge.

Alongside these activities, Cohort 4 who will be hosting the FIBE2 games in the upcoming Cambridge Festival on Saturday 25th March 2023 started planning meetings to design an exciting game on material reuse and design for disassembly.

In planning is also a trip to London to see the 10 most iconic buildings on the London Buildings Tour.

We are all excited to see what Cohort 4 will be up to next and we wish them the very best as they journey through the FIBE2 CDT programme!


Latest news

Alumni Spotlight - Dr Xueying Wang

19 June 2024

Congratulations to Dr Xueying Wang, from Cohort 1! Xueying has the honour of being the first student in FIBE2 CDT to complete the PhD. Xueying has specific knowledge and skills in a wide range of engineering subjects. She completed her undergraduate studies in Civil and Structural Engineering in 2018 with First Class...

Lunchtime Seminar with Cundall

23 May 2024

This week's Lunchtime Seminar will be delivered by 4 speakers from the company Cundall, a global, independent, multi-disciplinary consultancy delivering sustainable engineering and design solutions across the built environment. Topic: Future Fit Cities- Water Infrastructure Abstract: Human demand for water supply in urban...